Best whitening Mouthwash & Does whitening mouthwash work

Best whitening Mouthwash  – Well, as a matter of fact, We all understand that dull yellow teeth have always been considered as less attractive as compared to bright and white pearly whites. Living in an aesthetically-conscious society with a feeling of embarrassment for dark colored or stained teeth can never be taken lightly. If asked, there will be thousands of people across the globe who will not hesitate to admit how bad shy they feel to smile during a selfie owing to the mere color of their teeth.

There are many ways of whitening the teeth. Few of them need to be carried out in a dental office, whereas few can be practiced at home itself. One of the methods of teeth whitening that can be carried out at the comfort of your house is by the use of whitening mouthwash.

On the basis of the reviews and ratings, Crest 3D White and Colgate Optic White have turned out to the most popular and best whitening mouthwash. As other whitening products, the principal ingredient in whitening mouthwash is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is acidic by itself and needs to be used in dilutions to deliver the desired result without any damage to the surrounding tissues.

Crest 3 D White mouthwash has grown in popularity due to multiple factors out of which absence of alcohol is one very probable one. Besides, there is a triple action formula that the company promises which comprise of removal of tough stains from teeth, prevention of staining and also an added protection to the gums by the elimination of bacteria.

Best whitening Mouthwash

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Colgate Optic White mouthwash grew in popularity due to the comparatively rapid whitening effect. Generally any whitening mouthwash takes around 6 to 8 weeks to show the whitening effect. In case of Colgate Optic White the effect just takes three to four weeks to become obvious. The rapid effect owes to the slightly higher level of hydrogen peroxide as compared to the rest of the mouthrinses.

Another important point to be considered is to check if alcohol is there as an ingredient or not. Try to limit the use of alcohol-containing mouthwashes because alcohol can cause dry mouth. Dryness means less saliva which in turn reduces the cleansing action of saliva thereby making you prone for dental decay and cavities. Using mouthwash with natural ingredients is better as there is there is no risk of alcohol or peroxide related side effects.


Does Whitening Mouthwash Work?

Does whitening mouthwash work
Does whitening mouthwash work

Does whitening mouthwash work ? Whitening mouthwash does work but the intensity of action is quite as compared to the rest of the whitening products like whitening strips or whitening gels. One important point regarding whitening mouthwash is the extent of effectiveness they have as far as the whitening effect is concerned. There are two factors that control the action of whitening mouthwash-

  • Time of exposure – The mouthwash needs to be swished within the mouth for about a minute or so twice daily. Hence, the time of exposure to the whitening component in the mouthwash is a total of two minutes in a day. Therefore, it will definitely take a long time to produce the desired whitening effect.


  • Concentration of the whitening product– The low concentration of the whitening agent is also responsible for decreased effectiveness of whitening mouthwash as compared to the rest of the methods. As the mouthwash touches almost every part inside mouth and not just the teeth, high concentration of whitening agent can cause unnecessary trauma to the soft inner lining of the mouth.


Hence, if you are a person who has just one more shade to go to reach the perfect pearly whites stage and do not have a time constraint in your mind, you can opt for teeth whitening through whitening mouth rinses.

It is always advisable to bear in mind that clean and healthy teeth are more important than just whiter ones. Hence, one must ensure to follow all the simple yet safe rules of oral hygiene like brushing twice daily and flossing of teeth.

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