Teeth are one among the first few things noticed as you first meet a person. Maintaining good health of teeth is very important. Prevention is the best remedy to have pearly white teeth. Even if you are 80 or 8 years old, having healthy and strong teeth is of very much importance. By brushing twice a day, flossing regularly you can protect your teeth, but have you ever pondered over the food that you eat?

Certain food can erode your teeth by the acids it produces and on the other hand there are foods which are protective for your teeth. Here are those foods which can help you keep smiling and those which will ruin your teeth.


“Best foods” for your teeth:-

  1. Cheese: If you are a cheese lover, now you have one more reason to eat this yummy food more. Cheese is a rich source of calcium and proteins which strengthens the enamel of the tooth. Cheese is excellent food to raise the oral pH and thus prevents tooth decay.


  1. Yogurt: Calcium and protein packed yogurt is essential for strong and healthy teeth. A plain variety of yogurt with no added flavor or sugar is the best and the probiotic action helps to maintain the good bacteria and thus prevent caries.


  1. Apples: The teeth friendly fruit which can be picked from the fruit basket is apple. Apple provides a very good scrubbing action after every meal. During the biting and chewing of apple there is saliva that is produced which keeps the harmful bacteria away from teeth.


  1. Carrots: The fiber rich carrots are good source of Vitamin A. By munching these carrots there is a similar action like the apples and thus reduced risk of cavities.


  1. Green leafy vegetables: Being packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium, and folic acid they are needed to build the teeth enamel.


  1. Water: The best to choose from all food is water. It has no sugar or calories. Water is an ideal drink to quench your thirst and also to get rid of the bacteria that can cause tooth decay.


“Worst foods” for your teeth: –


The health of your teeth depends on what you eat. Certain foods cause plaques which cause dental caries. Other foods release acids which destroy the teeth enamel and predispose an individual to develop caries.


  1. Sour candies: Sour candies have variety of acids. Moreover, because of its consistency it can stick to your teeth and cause tooth decay. If you crave to eat sweets, enjoy a chocolate instead of these candies which can be chewed and washed out quickly.


  1. Alcohol: Alcohol causes dry mouth and reduces saliva concentration in the mouth. Saliva is very much essential to avoid food sticking to your teeth and also washes away any food particles. Saliva helps in repairing tooth decay, any oral infection, and also gum disease.


  1. Bread: As you chew the carbohydrate rich bread it is converted into a sticky paste like a gum and that gets accumulated in the crevices between your teeth. This is an ideal source for the bacteria to thrive and cause cavities.


  1. Carbonated drinks: Drinking carbonated drinks is a threat to your teeth. These drinks coat the teeth with acid and cause plaque formation. Also, the drying action on saliva makes the teeth more vulnerable for damage. The other disadvantage of these dark colored drinks is they have the potential to stain and discolor your pearly white teeth.


  1. Citrus fruits: Packed with Vitamin C, citrus fruits are tasty when eaten as a fruit or as juice. The acid content in them can damage the teeth and cause teeth to erode.


  1. Dried fruits: The best and healthy snacks to munch are the dried fruits like raisins, apricots, prunes and figs. But, they are very sticky and cling onto the teeth and the crevices. Since they are loaded with sugar they cause tooth decay. Gargling and brushing after eating dried fruits is essential.


  1. Potato chips: The crunch of potato chips is very much satisfying. But being loaded with starch, they can be a source for bacterial growth. The acid production helps in tooth decay,

Hence, you should weigh the pros and cons with every bite you take of each food in the future. Healthy eating habits will give healthy white teeth.


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