How Can My Waldorf MD Dentist Give Me a Beautiful Smile?

How important is your smile to you? Most people value the appearance of my smile and it is only natural because it is the first thing you flash when you look at someone. A beautiful smile can do wonders to your face. At the same time, if you have teeth problems, it will be something that is hard to deal with.

 If you have smile issues, it is the dentist’s job to pinpoint the issue, so that a proper remedy could be offered. Here are the different procedures that dentists could perform, given the aesthetic issue:

Avoiding Teeth Stains


  1. Oral Prophylaxis. If the issue is external or superficial stains and discolorations due to substances that you take into your mouth, a simple teeth cleaning is often enough. The teeth are scraped and scaled to remove plaque, stains other adherent particles, to restore the nice and even colour and texture of the teeth.


  1. Tooth Filling. If the teeth have been discoloured by tooth decay, a tooth filling will properly restore it. You can get a composite restoration, an onlay or an inlay.


  1. Orthodontic Treatment. If you are bothered by an orthodontic issue: crowding, crossbite, spaces, rotations and whatnot, you can fix the arrangement of your teeth on the jaw with braces.



  1. Teeth Whitening. If you fancy a whiter and more beautiful smile, you can get a bleaching procedure from your dentist. This cosmetic procedure may be take home or chairside—and gives your smile an impressive whitening boost.


  1. Dental Veneers. If your cosmetic issue is limited to the facial appearance of the teeth, you can resolve this minor problem by getting veneers. It can give you a brand new smile that is whiter and straighter.



  1. Dental Prosthetics. If you have lost teeth or are dealing with severe fractures, you can get a get a crown or a bridge. Lost teeth need to be replaced because they leave space in between teeth. These spaces are very unsightly so talk to your dentist about dental bridges or removable dentures.


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