Dentistry & Oral Health

3 Ways To Avoiding Teeth Stains

How Important Avoiding Teeth Stains The teeth may generally vary in shade from one person to another, but basically, they are given the name “pearly whites” because they boast a..

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The History of the Dental Floss

History of the Dental Floss Oral care is a two-fold process: the care provided by the dentist and his team; and the care that you give to your teeth, on..

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The Dangers of Thumb Sucking

While a baby is mostly reliant on his parents, there are times when they learn to soothe themselves. Thumb sucking is a very common self-soothing activity that babies develop when..

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Calcium and Your Teeth

We are always reminded of how important it is to maintain good oral health through good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. The maintenance of good oral health..

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