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The Dangers of Thumb Sucking

While a baby is mostly reliant on his parents, there are times when they learn to soothe themselves. Thumb sucking is a very common self-soothing activity that babies develop when..

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How to Quit on Sugar

You know what they say, “There’s always room for dessert”, and what is real is that people cannot get enough of sugar because it is addictive. Sadly, the irresponsible intake..

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Calcium and Your Teeth

We are always reminded of how important it is to maintain good oral health through good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. The maintenance of good oral health..

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The Lifetime of Dental Fillings

A tooth that gets affected by dental caries or decay will receive a filling. This filling may be directly or indirectly placed, but regardless, it is supposed to restore the..

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Saying No to Smoking for Your Teeth

The package warnings are not mere printings. Despite the high sales and it’s popularity, the risk is real and it is not just a threat: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to..

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