Family Dentist In Waldorf

Family Dentist In Waldorf

Family Dentist In Waldorf - Don’t you prefer going to a hypermarket which houses all the commodities required for the consumption in a family than to a store that is meant just for vegetables or meat? Likewise, wouldn’t you like to have a dental home that can take care of the dental needs of your entire family? We understand your concerns and have introduced Waldorf family dentistry that intends you to provide services to your family members of all age groups.

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Family Dentist Near me Waldorf

Dental care cannot be reserved just for kids or only for adults. It is something which should be incorporated right from the time when your first tooth grows out from your gums. That is the exact time when a child should be brought to a dental office for his/her first dental visit. This is to ensure that the erupting tooth is growing in a good environment.


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Once the child grows, his mouth is being exposed to a variety of foods and beverages, out of which most of them are decay-causing and should be used with caution. Mothers have a habit of feeding children overnight, risking their teeth to undergo decay as milk creates an environment congenial to form dental cavities. Here is when Waldorf family dentistry can intervene by routine dental check-ups to ensure that the child has a cavity-free mouth.

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Next comes adolescence, when the child starts losing his milk teeth and the permanent teeth grow in the place created by milk teeth. This is another phase wherein the dental problems occur quite frequently. This is because two types of teeth are present together in a child’s mouth. We take care of them in such a way that that they lose their milk teeth in a healthy way and keep their permanent teeth strong and healthy, at the same time.

Family Dentist Near Me OR Waldorf Dental Office

Hormonal imbalance also takes its toll on the gums and routine cleaning can handle the issues related to gums. As age advances, teeth begin to wear down and the problem of sensitivity sets in.  In severe cases of sensitivity, root canal treatment is preferred.

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Waldorf Dental Office - Tooth loss is an issue that is common for all the age groups. The ways of tooth replacement varies with the age group we deal with. Those who are concerned about their looks are offered replacement solutions that focus more on aesthetic enhancement. Similarly, teeth that need reinforcement due to loss of structure are provided with options that concentrate on building up the structure and strength of the teeth primarily.

Now you see how we care for you and each of your family members irrespective of their age. Thanks to our dental expert, Dr. Akash Agarwal and his magnificent team who do not compromise when it comes to professional excellence and patient satisfaction.

Waldorf Family Dentistry proudly welcomes you to our office so that you can convert it to your dental home!