What Happens If You Brush your Teeth Too Long?

Brushing our teeth constitute an important step in any dental care regime. Dentists worldwide recommend to brush at least twice daily. Tooth-brushing intends to remove any food remnants and also wash out the biofilm called plaque. Plaque is formed by the oral bacteria and covers the teeth surfaces and other oral structures like tongue or gums.

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As we all know, an excess of everything is bad for health. Similarly excessive tooth-brushing can prove detrimental to your teeth. There are chances to injure your gums in the process of excessive brushing resulting in the recession of gums.Every toothbrush is manufactured with smooth bristles. With repeated use, the bristles lose their softness and the toothbrush becomes a storehouse of your dried saliva with microorganisms which, of course, are invisible to the naked eye. Now the same toothbrush which was a Dental cleaning aid initially becomes a weapon of destruction.

Hence, when you overbrush your teeth you cause something called as toothbrush abrasion. These are shallow to deep ditches on the tooth surface at the junction of tooth and gums. The tooth layers are slightly weak at this point so the wearing away is more at the junction of teeth and gums.Toothbrush abrasion defects cause sensitivity as the outer tooth layers wear down exposing the inner layers that have nerve fibres that pick the sensations. So those who have such defects often complain about sharp short sensation while consuming anything hot or cold.


Here are few other frequently asked questions regarding toothbrushing.

When should you brush your teeth in the morning?

Ideally, brushing your teeth in the morning as soon as you get up is a habit that every mother inculcates in her child right from a very young age. This is to remove all the irritants or remaining food particles in the mouth that have undergone putrefaction (rotting basically). Brushing also gives you a fresh breath which is quite an important thing for us as social beings.

So basically, brushing should be the first thing you do in the morning. Well, there is a small addition to the main routine. You can do a simple tooth-brushing (without toothpaste) even after you finish your breakfast, so that you are ready to face the world with a mouth that is free from all food debris.

I brush my teeth for 10 minutes. Is that ok?

Well, time is not as significant as the technique you use to brush your teeth. Always keep in mind to serve the purpose of brushing rather than the time of the procedure. So, while brushing teeth one should brush each quarter of the mouth  in an up-down fashion. Once the outer surfaces are done, the chewing surfaces of the teeth need to be brushed in circular motion. You can finish the entire procedure in about 2 minutes. Extending it to 10 minutes may not be that great an idea!

How long should you brush your tongue?

Brushing your tongue is another important thing that you cannot miss. You can brush for just about a minute or until you feel that your breath is fresh. Over Brushing your tongue will just cause bruising unnecessarily.

How long should you brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush?

Brushing for about 2 minutes would be sufficient even if you are using an electric toothbrush. Make sure that your toothbrush cleans every tooth. Hence, you can start from one end and work it out to the rest from there.

How long should you brush your teeth with braces?

Brushing teeth with braces is indeed a tiring task. Since you need to move your toothbrush horizontally from one side to the other, this might be slightly easier as compared to the up-down motion in which you are supposed to brush technically. Still, making your way in between the metal components and cleaning teeth without dislodging them is not simple. It may require more time in the beginning. Later on it might be simply cakewalk for you as gain expertise.

Hence, one thing is clear that time doesn’t make a difference. The hour in which you brush your teeth is also not very important. The most important thing is- Do it right!


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