A Smart Way of getting A Stunning Smile!


Invisalign is the short form of invisible aligners that are a type of clear braces put on teeth to straighten them. It is a revolutionary approach of correction of minor orthodontic defects through braces that are made of transparent plastic material. At Dental Care of Waldorf we use this technique so that one can easily get their orthodontic issue solved without hampering the smile aesthetics.


Invisalign Waldorf MD



Important features of Invisalign


Benefits of Invisalign

  1. Goodbye metallic smile, welcome clear braces-

What can be better than getting your teeth aligned in a beautiful way! One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign is the increased aesthetic level during the treatment.


  1. Remove when you wish to-

Invisalign can be removed easily by the wearer himself so one can take it off before eating food.


As cleaning of the Invisalign braces and teeth is easy owing to its removable nature, maintenance of oral hygiene is better when compared to the conventional braces.


  1. Comfortable and NO ulcers-

Since there is no metal sharp points in case of Invisalign, the wearers claim to have a better experience as far as comfort is concerned.  There are almost negligible chances for development of oral ulcers as Invisalign braces are smooth all over.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of this latest orthodontic innovation book a consultation with Dr. Akash Agarwal at Smile Dental Art.