How To Tighten A Loose Teeth

Loose tooth sounds fun only in children as we know we are dealing with milk teeth which will fall off eventually. Loose tooth in adults especially the permanent teeth becomes a matter of serious concern. It is extremely important to know the actual cause for the mobility of the teeth & how to tighten a loose tooth.

How To Tighten a Loose Tooth

 Following are few reasons why your teeth are loose-

  1. Extensive gum disease– When gums are inflamed and nothing is done about it, the infection may proceed to the deeper layers affecting the periodontal ligament (fibres that hold the teeth to the bone). When the periodontal ligament is affected the tooth loses its firm support and starts wobbling inside the socket. At times, gum disease can reach into a progressive stage leading to bone loss as well.
  2. Excessive biting forces– When the bite of a person is wrong and the contact in between upper and lower teeth is not proper, it may lead to injuries to the periodontal ligament causing mobility.
  3. Broken from within-Even though it happens rarely, a tooth broken at the root level can be the cause for it growing loose within the socket.
  4. Abscess underneath- An infected tooth with pus filled at the root tip can push the tooth up making the tooth slightly mobile.

how to tighten a loose tooth

How to fix loose teeth from gum disease?

Loose tooth treatment definitely depends upon the cause.  Most of the times, cleaning of teeth and deep scaling can have a significant impact on the loose teeth. If the looseness of teeth was due to inflamed gums, a deep scaling removes the irritants and help the gums to grow back strong and healthy.

How to tighten a loose tooth


In some severe cases, surgery may be required to fix the loose teeth. During gum surgery a small amount of bone (artificial bone-growth inducing material) is placed as a graft to compensate for the lost bone. This is called as bone grafting. Though the procedure, may entail high expenses owing to the charges of the graft material, it is worth it as your teeth can be restored to its natural form and function.

How to save a loose tooth from falling out?

Splinting of teeth helps in saving them from falling out for at least some time. Loose teeth, like those on lower front region are ideal for this procedure. Your dentist takes a piece of wire and glues it to the back of the loose teeth. The ends of the metal wire are glued to the strong teeth so that the loose teeth get support from them.

A very loose tooth will fall out eventually and need to be replaced with dental implants. Meanwhile, never try to pull out a loose tooth all by yourself. That can be quite risky. Try to be on a soft diet to avoid undue pressure on the loose teeth. Try to keep your mouth clean and resist the temptation to wiggle around the loose tooth with your tongue.

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