Open Sunday, Saturday, till 10 p.m.
Open Sunday, Saturday, till 10 p.m.
Crowns & Bridges

How is a Crown Placed?

Before the placement of a dental crown or bridge, the tooth has to be prepared. Tooth preparation involves the trimming of the tooth from all sides to accommodate the crown and bridge. After that, an impression of the trimmed tooth is recorded, and a dental crown or bridge is fabricated on the basis of the measurements in the impression. Then the crown or bridge, once fabricated, is cemented in place.

What is the Cost of a Crown or a Bridge?

While replacing your missing teeth and restoring your broken ones, we ensure to put forth the best options so that you can make an intelligent choice in terms of material and your budget. There are different kinds of dental crowns available, and the cost depends on the type that you choose for yourself. A dental crown can be metallic, like made of stainless steel or gold. Tooth-colored dental crowns are available, and they are made of ceramic. Higher-end ceramic crowns called zirconia crowns are growing in demand due to the excellent finish in looks and functionality.

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